Ken Nathan
17 Sep, 2019

Do you have a missing tooth? Are you looking for teeth replacement?

A dental Implant is the best possible treatment you can get to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

The most common and possible reasons for missing teeth (tooth loss) are:

  • Gum Disease – this is the number one reason in almost 75% of tooth loss cases
  • Poor oral care and dietary habits
  • Cavities which are caused by bacteria
  • Sports or Accidents

Missing tooth or teeth are proven to have a negative effect on your ability to smile with confidence, chew food properly and even talk confidently. We often hear patinats are too embarrassed about their appearance to even go out so it can have a severe impact on the quality of your life.

When a tooth is lost, it creates space and can lead to bone loss which can further affect the nearby teeth and bone structure. So, if you have a missing tooth or teeth, it’s advisable to get them replaced as soon as possible before further damage is caused.

For tooth replacement, though other treatment options like dentures and bridges are available, dental implants remain the number one choice among patients looking for long term reliability and comfort.

In the case of a missing tooth (or teeth), the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and depending on your:

  • overall health (medical history, age etc.)
  • lifestyle (oral hygiene, smoking etc.) and
  • bone structure and strength

will be able to advise on the best possible treatment plan for your dental health.

Dental implant treatment requires a surgical procedure and some patients experience nervousness and some discomfort but our experienced team is on hand to offer patients reassurance throughout the process and full sedation is also offered for the implant surgery.

Dental implants treatment consists of three main stages:

  1. Artificial Tooth Root Fitting: A tiny artificial tooth root (screw shaped) made from medical grade titanium, is surgically fitted to the jawbone to provide support to the replacement teeth. Sufficient time is allowed for the artificial root to gel well with the jawbone and tissues giving it natural strength. This process is known as osseointegration, which helps the implant to stay fixed and secure in your mouth permanently.
  2. Abutment Placement: The abutment which acts like a ‘connector’ to the artificial tooth root and the crown is placed in the jawbone.
  3. Dental Prosthesis: This is the actual artificial tooth made of ceramic material which looks natural and sits above the abutment. It looks very similar to your existing teeth and blends in to give a natural look. This can be either cemented (bridges) or screw fitted (crowns) or clipped (dentures) in place.

Dental implant treatment is not a quick fix but a permanent solution to missing teeth. Hence, depending on the patients overall health condition, it can take anywhere between
3-6 months for the entire treatment process to get completed.

Long term success for Dental Implant treatment lies in good oral hygiene, proper brushing and flossing and regular check ups and cleaning with the dentist.

For more information on Dental Implants, book an appointment today at N7 Dental Care (020 7609 1100) or Holloway Dental Care (020 7700 7005). At N7 Dental & Holloway Dental Centre, we have a number of fully trained and experienced dental implant specialists providing dental implant treatment.

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