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NHS Treatment

We are welcoming new NHS Patients

If our dentists believe it’s clinically necessary for you to receive dental treatment to protect and maintain good oral health, this is available on the NHS. NHS dental treatment aims to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and free of pain.

At N7 Dental and Holloway Dental Centre we are a mixed practice offering both NHS and affordable private dentistry for the whole family. You may register as an NHS patients but also choose to have private treatments in addition, should you wish.

Who is entitled to free NHS Treatment?

You are entitled to free NHS dental treatment if, when your treatment starts, you are:

  • under 18
  • under 19 and in full-time education
  • pregnant or you have had a baby within the 12 months before treatment starts
  • staying in an NHS hospital and the hospital dentist carries out your treatment
  • an NHS Hospital Dental Service outpatient (although you may have to pay for your dentures or bridges)

You can also receive free NHS dental treatment if, when the treatment starts or when you’re asked to pay:

  • you’re included in an award of Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit guarantee credit or Universal credit (check entitlement after October 31, 2015)
  • you’re named on, or entitled to, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate
  • you’re named on a valid HC2 certificate

Proof of your entitlement

You’ll be asked to show your dentist written proof that you’re entitled to financial help with dental treatment. This will vary depending on your circumstances.

What is not included in NHS dentistry?

NHS dental treatment does not include any cosmetic treatments that are not clinically necessary, such as teeth whitening. If you’re interested in having any cosmetic dental treatments, please enquire about our private cosmetic dentistry services with a member of our dental team for further information.

What is included in an NHS check-up?

When you see your dentist for a check-up, they will first carry out an examination or assessment.

At your check-up, your dentist will assess your current oral health, any risk of future disease, and advise you on the care and treatment required to secure good oral health. It is important that you try to keep your teeth healthy and clean to maintain good oral health. At your check-up, your dentist may:

  • Carry out a full examination of your mouth, teeth and gums
  • Ask about your general health and any problems you have had with your teeth, mouth or gums since your last visit
  • Ask about and give advice on your diet, smoking and drinking
  • Ask about your teeth-cleaning habits and give you advice on the most appropriate ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy
  • Explain any risks, as well as costs, of all treatment you may need
  • Discuss with you when your next visit should be

NHS Treatment Costs

You can see the current NHS charges on our Fees page. Note that fees change annually.

If you would like to enquire about joining us as an NHS patient, please contact the practice today

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