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  • Dr K S Nathan (Karla)

    Dr K S Nathan (Karla)

    Principal Dentist BDS Lond 2001 GDC no: 79963

    Dr Nathan is our principal dentist. She qualified from Kings College, London in 2001. She has been a principal dentist since January 2005. Dr Nathan has completed her certificate in Botox and dermal filler training with KT training and also completed her training in snoring and daytime sleepiness. She has specialist interest in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Nathan undertakes continual professional education and development programmes to enhance and improve her clinical skills.

  • dr ajit ark

    Dr Ajit Ark

    Dentist MCh. DB. ChD. BSC GDC no: 283919

    Ajit graduated from the University of Leeds with honours of merit. He completed his foundation training years in Hertfordshire and Yorkshire and has since settled in Islington.

    Ajit enjoys making patients feel at ease as well as educating and empowering patients to make the best possible choices for their own oral health. He enjoys all areas of dentistry and is due to complete the Diploma of Membership with the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

    His friends and patients would describe him as empathetic and approachable. Outside of work he enjoys climbing, running and charity projects.

  • Dr Khoi LE

    Dr Kohi Lee

    Dentist LE DDS (Germany), PGDip Implant Dentistry (Lond) GDC no: 84363

    After having successfully completed practical and clinical dental training in Germany, gaining the degree of Diploma in Dentistry in 2002, he started working as a general dentist in Germany. Since arriving in the UK in 2004 he has completed his post-graduate training with Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute (London). He is a Clinical Mentor and a Supervisor for dentists who undergo Postgraduate Implant Training.

  • Dr Alberto Lopez

    Dr Alberto Lopez

    Dentist BDS (Madrid) GDC no: 166908

    In 2008 Dr Alberto Reimondez Lopez gained his qualifications after successfully completing his clinical and practical dental training in Spain at the university of Madrid. He has a passion for dental implants. Dr Lopez also has a keen interest in dental cosmetics utilizing innovative techniques within aesthetic dentistry. He is currently undertaking further training at the university of Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, where he will enhance and improve his clinical and practical skills in cosmetic dentistry.

  • Dr David Hariharan Ramachandran

    Dr David Hariharan Ramachandran

    Dentist BDS BSc (Hons) GDC no: 259298

    Hari graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. He has attended, and continues to attend numerous postgraduate courses in the UK and abroad to further his knowledge and skills.

    Hari understands that visiting the dentist causes anxiety in many patients and, therefore, treats all his patients with empathy and care. Many nervous patients are put at ease by his gentle and friendly manner. He has seen how cosmetic dentistry and implants can do wonders for self confidence; quite literally putting the smile back on patients’ faces. His greatest satisfaction comes from helping patients see what is possible to achieve, and working with them to achieve the best possible result.

    His interests are in aesthetic dentistry, aligning teeth using short-term orthodontic treatment (including Invisalign and Quick Straight Teeth), minimally invasive dentistry, and dental implantology.
    Outside of dentistry Hari enjoys playing football, travelling, DIY and reading.

  • Dr Sarah Al-Timimi

    Dr Sarah Al-Timimi

    Dentist BDS (Lond) GDC no: 228564

    Sarah graduated with honours from Kings College London, where she was awarded a number of prizes including being nominated for the prestigious gold medal award. She completed her VT training in Grays, Essex and following this, spent a year as a Senior House Officer at Guys Hospital in both the Paediatric and Oral Surgery departments where she was able to enhance her skills in more complex dentistry as well as with the treatment of nervous patients.

    She is committed to lifelong learning through CPD and has carried out her MFDS with the Royal College of Surgeons. Since then she has been working in general practice, where she has a keen focus in promoting prevention rather than cure. Her patients describe her as friendly and approachable which makes her especially suited to treating our more apprehensive patients.

  • Dr Amandeep Ryait

    Dr Amandeep Ryait

    Dentist BDS (Lond) GDC no. 76557

    Amandeep qualified from Guys Hospital London in 1999. Following his graduation he worked at Guys Hospital as a Senior House Officer, where he improved his skills in Restorative Dentistry and Oral Surgery. He now has over 20 years experience in General Dentistry with a keen interest in Restorative Dentistry. Since 2016, Amandeep has been an Educational Supervisor and Mentor for newly qualified dentists. In his spare time, Amandeep enjoys playing sports and has recently taken up running.

  • Jack-Kwong

    Dr Jack Kwong

    BDS (Lond) PG Dip (endo) GDC no. 178502

    Jack qualified from Barts and the London Dental Institute in 2009. He entered general practice where he developed a special interest in Endodontics and completed the Diploma in Endodontics programme at the Eastman Dental Institute. Jack is empathetic with his patients and strives to make all his patients feel at ease.

  • Dr Sinthujan Sivarajah

    Dr Sinthujan Sivarajah

    Dentist BDS Lond 2016, MFDS RCSEd GDC no. 265555

    Dr Sivarajah qualified from Barts and The London, School of Medicine & Dentistry (London) in 2016. He had worked in dental practice for a year before his interests grew in dental and oral surgery. To prepare him for this specialty, he worked in hospitals training at Oral and Maxillofacial Departments. He spent a year training in a large trauma hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham and followed with more hands-on oral surgery experience at Queen’s Hospital. London.

    By 2018 he had completed his examinations in the Membership to the Faculty of Dental Surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

    He further consolidated his desire to continue with oral surgery and began his postgraduate certification in 2019. He is currently continuing with general dentistry and in the process of attaining his qualification in Dental Sedation from the Eastman Dental Institute (London) to widen his scope of practice within surgery.

    Whilst continuing with general dentistry he now carries out more complex dental extractions, safely selected in the dental setting and with the intention to carry out implants in the future.

    He has since graduating continued to regularly keep up to date with the latest knowledge and evidence through continuous professional development by attending courses and conferences.

    He is happy to have received positive feedback from his patients commenting on the way he puts his patients at ease and providing patients with a more comfortable environment.

  • Dr Fizza Batool

    Dr Fizza Batool

    Dentist BDS (Pakistan) GDC no: 281686

    Fizza graduated in 2012 from Pakistan, and completed the statutory exams in the UK. She joined the practice early 2022 and worked as a private general dentist till January 2023, when she started the PLVE for NHS.

    Fizza is committed to continuing her professional development to enhance her skills in General Dentistry, with a particular interest in restorative dentistry. She aims to create a friendly and relaxed environment for her patients, which particularly helps nervous patients feel at ease.

  • Dr Ahmed Joodallah

    Dr Ahmed Joodallah

    Dentist BDS (London) GDC No: 244974

    Ahmed graduated with honours from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. He has a strong interest in cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, crowns and bridgework. He utilises gold standard techniques to provide the best results for every patient, helping them to achieve the aesthetically-pleasing smile they deserve.

    He is also a very caring, empathic dentist, who always puts their needs first, ensuring they leave happy. He also holds an MSc degree in Pharmacy from King’s College London, giving him a valuable knowledge in the use of medicines.

  • Dr Mehreen Hakim

    Dr Mehreen Hakim

    Dentist BDS (Pakistan) GDC no: 279532

    Mehreen graduated in 2012 from Karachi, Pakistan and completed her statutory exams in the UK. She joined the practice in 2022 as a general dentist. She has received excellent feedback for her kindness and compassion. She is particularly interested in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and root canal treatment. She enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures and experiences.

  • Dr Avanti Anant Sathe

    Dr Avanti Anant Sathe

    Dentist BDS (India) GDC No: 271665

    Dr Avanti worked as a dentist in India after qualifying in 2006. She commenced her dental career in the U.K. in 2019 after passing the Statutory Exam. Avanti is focused on providing individualised and quality dental care to her patients. She is keen about staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and assimilates these in her practice.

  • Dr Olivia Morrison

    Dr Olivia Morrison

    Dentist BDS (London) GDC No: 290180

    Olivia graduated from The University of Manchester Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2020. Since graduating Olivia ranked well and completed her foundation year in London. Olivia has experience working as an Oral and Maxillofacial surgery doctor at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham treating head and neck trauma, dental trauma, facial lacerations, broken jaws and oral cancer. Olivia enjoys all aspects of dentistry and is dedicated to lifelong learning to increase and perfect her skillset. She has a calm, gentle approach making you feel at ease during your appointments.

  • Dr Iole Mendez

    Dr Iole Mendez

    Dentist BDS (Venezuela) GDC No: 261386

    Dr Iole Mendez qualified as dentist from Central University of Venezuela in 2005. After working for 5 years in aesthetic and paediatric dentistry, assisting orthodontic courses, publishing articles and presenting expositions in orthodontics conferences as a speaker, Dr. Mendez applied and was accepted in the full time postgraduate programme in orthodontics at the Central University of Venezuela for the 2010-2013 period which she finished with award in honorous research.

    After two years dedicated to private orthodontics and lecturing at the same orthodontic postgraduate programme in Venezuela After, she extended her practice to the private orthodontic in central London, where she works with the best aesthetics appliances in orthodontics in order to provide function and comfortable aesthetic treatments. Dr. Mendez is member of the Orthodontic Society of Venezuela (S.V.O.), Latin American Association of Orthodontics (A.L.A.D.O.), American Association of orthodontics (A.A.O.), and World Federation of Orthodontics (W.F.O.).

    Dr Mendez always keeps up-to-date with the latest orthodontic technologies and attends the most prestigious conferences in order to offer the best to her patients. Dr Mendez is meticulous, with extensive experience with children, aesthetics and complex orthodontic cases. Her main goal is always taking care of every patient and creating a relaxed atmosphere while providing the highest standards of orthodontic consultation.

  • Adam Hassouna

    Adam Hassouna

    Dentist BDS (Madrid, Spain) GDC no: 303275

    Dr. Adam Hassouna brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice, having completed an impressive dental education from the prestigious University in Madrid. Having embarked on a dental journey in one of Europe’s most vibrant cultural hubs, Dr. Adam Hassouna has developed a unique approach that combines innovative European techniques with traditional, patient-focused care. This blend ensures our patients receive the best of both worlds – cutting-edge treatments delivered with a personal touch.
    One of Dr Adam Hassouna ‘s most notable qualities is their ability to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for patients. Understanding that visiting the dentist can be a source of anxiety for many, they prioritize making each patient feel at ease, taking the time to explain procedures thoroughly and address any concerns.

  • Dr Nirmala Surabaskaran

    Dr Nirmala Surabaskaran

    Dentist BDS (London) GDC No: 75029

    Nirmala graduated from King’s College London in 1998. She worked as a house officer at Dundee Dental Hospital in the periodontal department. In 2016 she did a certificate in Restorative Dentistry at Eastman Dental institute. She likes to treat nervous patients. She enjoys attending courses to update her dental knowledge.

  • Sophie Wilson

    Sophie Wilson

    Dentist BDS (Leeds) GDC: 296786

    Sophie graduated from the University of Leeds in 2021, with a Master and Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction and a Bachelor of Oral Science. She has since published research into compliance with orthodontic retention and completed further courses in periodontics, including periodontal surgery, removable clear aligners, and composite bonding. Sophie offers crown lengthening, aligners and composite bonding treatments. Sophie’s practicing ethos is that the patient’s comfort and satisfaction takes precedence and this guides her treatment planning and clinical appointments.

  • Kudra Nagingo

    Kudra Nagingo

    Hygienist GDC no: 248384

    Kudra qualified as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist from Royal College of Surgeons Of England in 2016. She has a very friendly and calming manner and aims to put nervous patients at ease in the dental environment.

  • Bilal Muhammad

    Bilal Muhammad

    Dental Hygienist BDS (Lahore, Pakistan) GDC No: 309250

    Muhammad Bilal is an overseas qualified dentist and currently practicing as a Dental Hygienist. Before moving to the UK he was working as a General Dentist in Lahore, Pakistan. He was registered as a Dental Hygienist upon moving to the UK and possesses thorough knowledge of Hygiene, Airflow and Periodontal treatments.

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