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About Dental Implants

About Dental Implants

A dental implant is like an artificial tooth root that takes over the function of a real root. When a natural root is lost, it can be replaced with a dental implant. The implants are usually made of titanium. They are very durable and bond well with natural bone and tissue. Dental implants are an increasingly popular way to replace missing tooth or teeth as they provide a longer-term solution, slow down bone loss and preserve nearby healthy tooth tissue. Implants serve as a permanent alternative to a real tooth.

As dental implants are securely anchored, there will be no movement that will sometimes occur with dentures. Having dental implants instead of dentures will eliminate some of the main patient worries over gum irritation, poor fit and pain/discomfort.

At our practices we are proud to have a number of dentists who have vast experience in placing dental implants and provide treatments at very affordable prices.

About Dental Implants

Please check with your dentist for more details.

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