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Facial Treatments – why is it important to use a qualified practitioner?

Facial Treatments – why is it important to use a qualified practitioner?
Ken Nathan
17, May 2019

Living in the era of social media, people have become more aware of their appearance, thus skin and facial treatments, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers for example, are increasingly popular.

However, it’s worth noting that many of the popular treatments carried out today use prescription only medications and need prescribing and administering by a qualified practitioner (dentist, doctor, nurse prescriber or pharmacist).

As tempting as it may seem, with the many deals and discounts available on the high street, patients should not receive these treatments by non-medical professionals – it’s really not worth the risk.We feel it is important that patients only go ahead with facial treatments when they are sure of the qualifications of the practitioner they are considering.

That’s why we recommend you see a qualified professional, such as those at N7 or Holloway Dental.  Our aim is to carefullybalance and enhance your facial features in a sympathetic way so you look and feel your best! All treatments we offer are non-surgical and non-permanent, which means the treatments can adapt with you and your concerns.

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