Invisalign or Traditional Braces: Which is Better?

Invisalign or Traditional Braces: Which is Better?
Ken Nathan
15 Sep, 2021

Once you’ve decided to finally do something about your teeth and smile you suddenly realize there’s quite a few options on how to achieve your dream smile. Remember though, you’re not alone. At N7 Dental Care in Holloway Road, London N7, we speak with patients every day who tell us they’re tired of hiding their mouth in photos or shuffling to the back when someone takes a group selfie; a selfie you know will end up on Instagram. How your teeth and smile looks can actually stop your true personality from bursting out. The good news is, if you want to straighten your teeth quickly, discreetly, so you have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime, there are several ways your London, N7, dentist can help.

One of the most effective ways to get perfect straight teeth is to choose Invisalign or traditional braces. Both options have advantages and disadvantages so at N7 Dental Care in Holloway Road, London N7, we thought we’d answer all your questions on these fantastic orthodontic options.

Reasons to choose Invisalign

Invisalign looks sleek, cool & seamless

In terms of what’s the best looking option for straight teeth it’s hard to ignore the fact traditional fixed braces are made of metal. Our London N7 orthodontists will use tooth coloured ceramic brackets to disguise your braces so they blend in with your natural teeth but most patients will agree they’re more unsightly than Invisalign aligners which are clear and virtually invisible. The trays used to help straighten patients teeth are made of a clear, custom-madeplastic material so your friends and family will hardly notice them.

If you’d prefer to get your teeth straightened without others knowing then Invisalign  is the way to go.

Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces

Invisalign is custom-fitted to your teeth and mouth and as each set of trays are made of smooth plastic there’s no chance of cutting your gums while wearing them. Of course, both teeth-straightening methods, Invisalign and traditional braces, involve applied pressure to existing teeth so, over time, they move into the desired position. This can sometimes cause discomfort as moving any solid, fixed structure will necessarily involve movement of the surrounding areas. However, Invisalign trays exert gentler pressure compared to metal braces, which ultimately makes them a more comfortable brace option.

Take your Invisalign trays out when you need to

The general rule in orthodontics is if you want the quickest option for teeth straightening you need to keep braces in your mouth for as long as possible. However, we appreciate “real” life can sometimes interfere with even the best laid plans.So, if you want to clean your teeth after meals and floss before you go to bed the advantage of Invisalign is you can remove the trays quickly and easily and maintain your usual dental hygiene regime. Traditional braces can present problems when you’re cleaning your teeth, especially when food gets stuck between the metal.

You can eat anything with Invisalign

Patients find it a major benefit to be able to live as “normal” a life as possible while waiting for braces to work their magic. Eating with traditional metal braces is not always the easiest part of teeth straightening to manage. Food particles often get stuck in the metal wires and brackets which is why there are certain food types that you can’t eat when you’re wearing metal braces. Chewy and sticky food  should be avoided if possible. Hard, crunchy food can damage the wires and brackets of your braces.

If you’d prefer not to limit your diet while wearing braces then Invisalign might be the best option. Your ability to remove Invisalign trays means you can eat what you want when you want. You can also clean your teeth and the invislaign trays after meals which means at the end of your orthodontic treatment your teeth will be in great condition.

How much does Invisalign cost vs Traditional Braces?

There are several factors to consider when comparing the cost of traditional braces and Invisalign aligners. The final price will depend on how severe your teeth alignment problems are, as well as the number of trays that you may have to use throughout the Invisalign treatment process.

Traditional braces typically cost about £2,500 to £6,000. Invisalign has an average cost of £1500 to £5000. Click here to find out what should Invisalign cost or braces or any dental treatment at our dental practice in Holloway Road, London N7.  We also offer finance schemes and payment plans making Invisalign affordable to almost anyone looking for a new smile.

It will be your orthodontist in London N7who’ll advise on the best option for you so why not contact us so we can discuss all your needs and answer all your questions and concerns so you make the right choice about your new smile.

You may prefer to book a free Invisalign video consultation so you can discuss things from the comfort of your own home. Our remote or virtual dental consultations are proving very popular right now.

What are the benefits of traditional braces v Invisalign?

Bad tooth alignment

There are some jobs that require the heavy-lifting equipment when it comes to orthodontic work and teeth straightening. When your teeth alignment issues aren’t that bad, you can opt for treatments other than traditional braces, such as Invisalign. However, you don’t always have a choice. If your teeth are severely-rotated, over-crowded or you have a severe overbite or protruding teeth and many other dental issues besides, traditional braces may be your only option.

Invisalign trays are going to have a hard time gripping on cylindrical or rounded elevations on your teeth known as bicuspids, without slipping, which means they would not be able to move or align them to the desired position. There should be no problems turning such teeth into the proper position with traditional braces, which are securely affixed to the tooth and aren’t likely to slip.

Fixed Braces means root-and-all

The Invisalign custom-fitted plastic are designed to move the top or visible part of the individual tooth where as traditional braces exert equal pressure on the entire tooth. It pushes the tooth into the right position from top to bottom, including the root which often leads to quicker overall treatment times.

Patient compliance is easier with traditional braces

As mentioned above, the longer braces are fitted on teeth and doing what they’re designed to do i.e. moving teeth; the quicker and better the final outcome often is. Yes, it means more discomfort plus difficulty in effective teeth cleaning but these are the pros and cons you have to weigh up when choosing the right orthodontic option for you. Many people who have been fitted with braces often complain about the fact that they can’t be removed. Since they can’t be taken off, they end up having problems cleaning their teeth. These cleaning problems, however, look small compared to what would happen if braces are removable.

If braces can be removed, the process of gradually moving teeth to their proper positions will be interrupted. Considering the period of time needed to position teeth, even a day or two of interruption can impact the overall result of the treatment.

Most parents opt for traditional braces for children’s orthodontics because there’s no way they can remove them. For adults who can’t commit to wearing Invisalign trays all the time, traditional braces may also be the better option.

Today, traditional braces are still the go-to option for many people who have crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth. They are also often credited for restoring the beautiful smile and overall self-esteem of countless people the world over.

Contact us so we can discuss all your needs and answer all your questions and concerns so you make the right choice about your new smile.

You may prefer to book a free remote orthodontic video consultation so you can discuss things from the comfort of your own home. Our remote or virtual dental consultations are proving very popular right now.

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