Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening at N7 Dental Care in North London

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening at N7 Dental Care in North London
Ken Nathan
20 Jul, 2023

Are you looking to enhance your smile and regain the confidence to show it off? Teeth whitening might be the answer for you! A bright and radiant smile can leave a lasting impression on others and boost your self-esteem. At N7 Dental Care in Holloway Road, North London, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile, which is why we offer teeth whitening services using the cutting-edge Enlighten Teeth Whitening system. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of teeth whitening, the differences between customized home-whitening kits and in-chair whitening, and the unique advantages of the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental procedure that can transform the appearance of your teeth by lightening their shade. Some of the key benefits of teeth whitening include:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: One of the most obvious benefits of teeth whitening is the immediate improvement in the aesthetics of your smile. Years of consuming staining drinks like coffee, tea, or red wine, as well as habits like smoking, can cause discolouration. Teeth whitening effectively removes these stains, giving you a brighter smile.
  2. Improved Self-Confidence: A dazzling smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. With whiter teeth, you’ll feel more comfortable in social situations and be eager to share your smile with the world.
  3. Non-Invasive and Safe: Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require any drilling or injections. When performed by your N7 Dentist, it’s a safe and gentle way to achieve a brighter smile.

Customized Home-Whitening Kits vs. In-Chair Whitening

At N7 Dental Care, we offer both customized home-whitening kits and in-chair whitening options to cater to our patients’ preferences and lifestyles.

  1. Customized Home-Whitening Kits: Our North London dentists will create custom-made whitening trays that fit snugly over your teeth. You’ll be provided with a professional-grade whitening gel to use at home. The advantage of this option is the convenience it offers, as you can undergo the treatment in the comfort of your own home. It’s an excellent choice for those with busy schedules.
  2. In-Chair Whitening: In-chair whitening is a fast and effective option for patients who want immediate results. During the procedure, our dentists will apply a powerful whitening gel to your teeth and activate it with a special light. This method typically provides noticeable results in just one session, making it perfect for individuals seeking rapid improvements.

The Advantages of Enlighten Teeth Whitening

N7 Dental Care in North London proudly uses the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system, known for its exceptional results and patient satisfaction. Some of the unique benefits of Enlighten include:

  1. Guaranteed Whitening: Enlighten is the only whitening system that guarantees Vita shade B1 results. This means you can confidently expect a substantial improvement in the whiteness of your teeth, with a shade that is universally regarded as a beautiful, natural white.
  2. Long-Lasting Results: The Enlighten system is designed to provide long-lasting results. With proper care and maintenance, your whitened smile can stay vibrant for years to come.
  3. Minimized Sensitivity: Some teeth whitening treatments can cause sensitivity, but Enlighten’s advanced formula helps minimize this issue, ensuring a more comfortable experience.
  4. Safe and Reliable: Enlighten is a tried and tested system that has been widely used by dental professionals worldwide. Its safety and reliability have earned it a reputation as one of the most effective teeth whitening systems available.

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to achieve a radiant smile and boost your self-confidence. Whether you opt for the convenience of customized home-whitening kits or the immediate results of in-chair whitening, N7 Dental Care in North London has you covered. And with the superior results and benefits of the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system, you can trust us to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. So, why wait? Book your teeth whitening appointment today and let your dazzling smile light up the world!

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