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Brighten your Smile in Time for Christmas!

Brighten your Smile in Time for Christmas!
Ken Nathan
11, Nov 2021
Christmas Teeth Whitening Offer. Only £499 for Enlighten
Free top-up syringe.

Offer ends 31 December 2021

Let’s be honest, last year’s Covid Christmas was a bit of a damp squib but it just means Christmas in 2021 is set to be an explosion of festive fun and laughter. And that means many of our patients at N7 Dental Care in Holloway Road, London N7, are looking to for a new whiter, brighter smile to put the X-factor into Xmas.

We’re all constantly seeing celebrities in the media flashing enviable pearly white smiles and many patents just want to know “how do celebs get their teeth so white?” Well, one thing’s for certain, they all need a top class dentist to achieve the bright smiles we all love and that’s exactly what we, at N7 Dental Care, can offer you. But, how does it work?

Teeth Whitening is a very easy dental procedure that’s non-invasive and can be done during a lunch break. There’s no downtime, no pain and it will give you the white smile you’ve dreamed of so you can sparkle in more ways than one at your Christmas parties. There are different types of teeth whitening treatments and our dental team can help you decide which is right for you.

Bleaching procedures: These will change your natural tooth colour and can make teeth five to seven shades lighter. This is the more popular teeth whitening method used amongst N7 Dental Care patients. These contain active ingredients that help remove deep and surface stains on your teeth.

  • Light activated session: This is the traditional teeth whitening method that’s completed while at our Holloway Road Dental practice in London N7. Results are immediate and dramatic. You’ll see the difference before you even leave the dentist!
  • Professional in-home teeth-whitening kit: This is a professional take home kit given to you by the dentist. You will be instructed on how to use it.
  • Over-the-counter bleaching products: These are the kits that can be picked up at your local chemist. These vary in application methods from trays to brush applications. Results for these are less dramatic and are gradual.

Non-bleaching procedures: These include products like teeth-whitening toothpaste. They depend on mild abrasion to remove surface stains but results are not as good as other methods.

All patients respond differently to teeth whitening treatment, so we encourage you to visit our dentist to discuss which method is best for you. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you the “wow” smile for the holiday season.

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