Best Ever Teeth Whitening Offer This Christmas

Best Ever Teeth Whitening Offer This Christmas
Ken Nathan
16 Oct, 2020

Did you know that stained teeth can age you without you even realizing it? If you get up close to teeth you’ll see, although they look smooth, your teeth are actually made up of tiny pores. These pores in your teeth are also highly absorbent so when you eat or drink anything with colour; wine, coffee or coloured food your teeth turn from bright white to an ugly stained yellow. It’s this staining that causes many patients to look for teeth whitening offers at our Holloway dental practice in London N7.

Whitening your teeth removes the stains lurking inside the pores in your teeth leaving them whiter, brighter and ready to dazzle.  There’s also benefits of teeth whitening that go beyond just having a gorgeous new bright smile.

Improves all your relationships

A smile is one of the very first things someone notices, and not just when a patient goes to see their Holloway dentist. In all areas of life, if you’re conscious of having stained or yellowing teeth the chances are you cover your mouth when you laugh or smile or at the very least, press you lips together. The problem is when people see this behaviour it comes across as evasive, unfriendly and can make you look untrustworthy. Not the look you want to convey if you’re going for a job interview, a date or just meeting friends and family. Whitening your teeth leads to laughing and smiling freely, and who doesn’t want that?

Improves your mood

Removing that self-conscious feeling when you smile means you simply smile more. It’s been proven smiling more leads to genuine happiness and contentment. The act of smiling leads to the release of more “happy inducing” chemicals like dopamine into our brains. Dopamine and serotonin are hormones linked to stress reduction and feelings of happiness which makes us smile more; thus continuing the contentment-loop we all strive for.

Improves your oral health

It’s not just a contentment-loop you start when you have your teeth whitened. Our dental patients at N7 Dental in Holloway, London N7 experience better all round oral health after they’ve had teeth whitening. That’s because once you’ve had your teeth whitened and brightened you’re more likely to want to keep that new bright smile for as long as possible. That means you take your dental hygiene more seriously; regular teeth cleaning and visits to our Holloway dental hygienist is vital for good oral care. It also means you’re less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease – all because you got your teeth whitened!

Fantastic Christmas Teeth Whitening Offer – Save £96 Now!

We’re offering all patients who sign up for our amazing Enlighten Teeth Whitening course a £96 discount between now and December 10th 2020.

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